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Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or a fresher, Miracles Sales training program is built for everyone. Experienced one’s would like to refresh the concepts which would come handy while executing sales post-pandemic.

For beginners, it contains everything w.r.t sales. It begins with the science of selling, closing down the prospect, mastering the art of conversation etc. To sum up all the nitti-gritties are covered in the course to make you efficient in selling.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for everyone. From beginners to seasoned sales campaigner anyone can enroll in this course and take the benefits from it.

Learning Path

Sales is not just art. Modern day selling now requires a scientific approach when it comes to selling. 

Gone are those days where customers would get convinced on what you would pitch. With advancement of technology and large datasets, every customer would like to understand will your product or service work for them on the base of previous datasets.

Understand the needs of the customer and focus more on what value your product or service provides.

Learn the art of value based selling to convince the customer in making a positive decision.

You would have seen people sending out sales pitch to their customers.

Sales pitch are not easy to design or deliver. Our experienced faculty will cover a-z  in making a sales pitch using minimalistic approach

When it comes to sales, you’re 90 of interaction would happen over the phone.

Talking over the phone with a customer is an art. One should not converse in the same tone as you would with your friend or colleague. This lesson teaches the art of phone conversation.

Learn how to start a sales call, how to build engagement and how to close it

Sales funnel is a crucial concept in a sales training program. A sales funnel are a series of step that a customer takes before he converts or signs up for your product or service.

To do great in sales, understanding the funnel gives you an edge over other sales managers out there. A salesperson who understands sales funnel would make more conversion compared to a salesperson who does not.

60% of sales aren’t successful and the reason for this irregular follow-ups. Follow-ups are a crucial part of the sales cycle. The lesson will teach you the various technique of effective follow-ups, how to space it out, how to provide value to your follow-up etc.

Price : 2999 299

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